Irrefutable Proof - BTS Video

Just wrapped my 4th feature in a row. Wow, I'm exhausted! This dream team assembled in Syracuse, NY (Jason, Barry, Matt, Sam, Adam & Aaron to name a few) and like brothers in arms we forged through the snow, caught Alexas falling off cranes, and made a very beautiful film. Working with Rob Draper, ACS, was inspiring! A master of the craft. Here is a picture of my camera besties: cool his name has a Y in it. He is also an incredible teacher and friend. And Adriel, who worked his butt off every second of everyday. A welcomed balance to the daily insanity that is camera department. 

What do I do for a living? I am a technician that plays with high tech toys. Along the way, I bond with friends, join families, and make magic. This is my industry.
— Mark Davis

A behind the scenes look at the magic, artistry, and fun we had while making Irrefutable Proof, a new feature film by Ziad Hamzeh. Director of Photography: Rob Draper, ACS. Shot & Edited on iPhone by Mark Davis