HAZE Collection - BTS Video

Spent a day on set with my NYC fashion friends. Check out the behind the scenes video I put together below! I ran BMCC footage through a Fuji Film LUT for the look. Really happy with how it turned out. 

Photographer - Brandon Mercer Producer - Nicholas Turk Stylist - Lisa Jarvis Set Design - Stewart Gerard Makeup Artist - Renee Garnes @ Wilhelmina Hair Stylist - Anthony Joseph Hernandez @ Wilhelmina Manicurist - Gerry Holford @ The Wall Group Models - Jennifer Pugh @ Muse + Nuel McGough @ One.1 Set Assistants - Dylan Agnell, Jenna Levine Photo Assistants - Jack Schow & Jesse Dreyfus Special Thank you to - Katharine Gray & Dune Studios BTS Video - Mark I. Davis Shot on BMCC, Sigma 18-35mm, Nikon 85mm, Fuji LUT. Song used without permission. http://www.hazecollection.com/2015-lookbook/ http://brandon-mercer.com http://davisfilms.com

Irrefutable Proof - BTS Video

Just wrapped my 4th feature in a row. Wow, I'm exhausted! This dream team assembled in Syracuse, NY (Jason, Barry, Matt, Sam, Adam & Aaron to name a few) and like brothers in arms we forged through the snow, caught Alexas falling off cranes, and made a very beautiful film. Working with Rob Draper, ACS, was inspiring! A master of the craft. Here is a picture of my camera besties: Symon....so cool his name has a Y in it. He is also an incredible teacher and friend. And Adriel, who worked his butt off every second of everyday. A welcomed balance to the daily insanity that is camera department. 

What do I do for a living? I am a technician that plays with high tech toys. Along the way, I bond with friends, join families, and make magic. This is my industry.
— Mark Davis

A behind the scenes look at the magic, artistry, and fun we had while making Irrefutable Proof, a new feature film by Ziad Hamzeh. Director of Photography: Rob Draper, ACS. Shot & Edited on iPhone by Mark Davis

Wildflower Wrap

Just spent the last 30 days as 1st AC on a feature in Rochester, NY and boy was it a challenge. Met some amazing people, worked very hard, did overnights in the freezing rain, and had fun...sometimes ;) Clay was my rock, and upon this rock...we built a movie.

Dancing Feet - A Steadicam Test

I invited my friend Lisa, a very talented dancer, to step along with me for a low mode steadicam test, in the beautiful BK. This test was to gather some activewear footage, and some butts for a potential yoga video. Enjoy! 

Some fun with the steadicam for an afternoon. Special thanks to Leesah! (dancer and choreographer) Shot on the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8, BMCC ProRes. CameTV Steadicam rig. Would have liked to spend more time balancing the rig, but just rolled with it ;)

New Lens!

Picked up the new Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 and am rocking a Metabones Speed Booster on the Black Magic Cinema Camera. I am in love with this lens. Full frame image, boosted F1.4, and a delicious depth of field. Tom rocking wireless follow focus, on my own home-brewed wireless monitor.